When your traveling, there are going to be people that try to take advantage of you. This is going to be prevalent in every foreign territory you find yourself in and it’s important to take precautionary measures to avoid getting your property stolen. Most people think that they are only vulnerable when they’re out in public but the fact is that even employees at your resort can snatch your belongings when you’re away. Pretty much anywhere you go you can become a target for theft which can become a huge nightmare if your ID or passport gets snatched up. There are international crime rings around the world that make huge profits from theft rings… here are some tips to keep in mind when traveling that will help you avoid becoming a victim to these large crime rings.

When you book a hotel, make sure to do a fair amount of due diligence on the property including looking at online reviews and making sure it’s in a good part of town. If you’re in a dodgy part of the city, there could be crooks and street thugs waiting for your to go down the wrong ally and looking for the opportune moment to take advantage of you. Another big thing with hotels is that many of them will use one of their recommended taxi companies when you ask them to get you a ride somewhere which is something I would highly recommend doing. If you get a taxi service on your own, it could be a rogue driver that will drive you down a dark ally where there are dangerous people waiting that will pull you out of the car, take your belongings, and possibly even kill you. This is a serious matter that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Now that we’ve got the hotel and the transportation arrangements taken care of in a manner that will keep you and your belongings safe, it’s time to tour the city. When you are out and about, checking out all the fascinating sites of your destination, it’s important to only keep the necessities on you. By this we mean credit cards, cash (local currency), and your I.D.’s that you will need. When you pack lightly, you’ll be able to keep these things in a pouch that you can tuck into your pants and strap to your belt which makes it nearly impossible for thieves to nab your stuff. As an added bonus, you can get a secure travel pouch that is made of material that will block scanners so you’re protected if anybody tries to use technology to read your credit card number from within your wallet. We were surprised this was an actual thing also!

When it traveling, it’s important to take as many precautionary measures as possible to protect yourself and your identity. We hope these tips will help add some extra security to your trip and help you avoid potentially dangerous situations. Big shout out to our sponsor Damage Control (the best water damage Phoenix has to offer!) for sponsoring this post and helping keep our readers safe on their journeys.